Extramarital Affairs are Growing at a Crazy Rate

Extramarital Affairs

Extramarital Affairs

Affairs have been around forever. So, it should come as no surprise that extramarital affairs are growing at a crazy rate. Take a look at the growth of two popular affair sites: Ashley Madison & Arrangement Finders.

Ashley Madison gets an insane amount of press with their marketing campaigns. Go ahead and google it. With over 27 million members all looking for discreet relationships, it’s no surprise that the growth of extramarital affairs in on the rise. With Arrangement Finders, you have this new twist on dating. It’s really not dating when you think about it. The site caters to mutually beneficial arrangements. With over 3 million members, the amount of men and women engaging on this site is incredible. If you are looking for that extramarital affair, you can now do so with very little risk.

For God’s sake, whatever you do, don’t have an affair with a co-worker. Also, don’t ever go down the companion route, I mean why would you want to bring an STD back to your existing partner. Remember guys and gals, if you’re going to play in this affair space, use the right head here!

Add Some Excitement with a Extramarital Affair

Looking to change things up a bit? Well, here’s your chance!

 Ready to break out of the dry and dull ordinary events of your week?  Being married can put out a bit of the fire you are feeling for these very strong emotions.  How can you break out of the regular grind with your spouse who is probably contributing to these feelings of being bored and smothered at the same time though?  While you may love your spouse and the family life he or she has helped to build with you very much, after many years things can get rough in the excitement department as enthusiasm slowly gets replaced with comfort—meaning easy going and simple relaxation.  You might even like this sense of stability and solace during the daytime, but when the night rolls around and you are forced to lay in bed beside someone who does not sexually thrill you anymore, things start to get problematic. 

Affair relationships can fix this issue for you though.  You probably think that your emotions are at odds with each other but they really aren’t.  Your feelings are just explaining to you that your enjoyment of your day to day life’s stability but frustration with your sex life(probably the lack of one all together) are actually just two separate problems.  By having an affair or a discreet relationship, you can solve the seemingly warring issues by having a wild time in bed with someone new and exciting while keeping things steady in your married life.  As long as the fire between your sheets is kept behind locked doors and only quietly whispered about between you and your fantasy lover, you have nothing to worry or be anxious about since this type of affair relationship allows you to remain in your foundation daily life while still rocking the bedroom from time to time.  You would finally be able to feel completely satisfied all around with no complications.

The arranging of affair relationships can seem tricky at first, but all you have to do is let AshleyMadison.com take over all the hard work.  They are a specialty dating website just for people looking for discreet affairs so that you are able to hook up with your dream guy or girl without any strings or red tape.  You can have tons of fun without any of the worry.  It’s time to get wild in the sack then back to your normal life at dawn.

Rock Yourself Out of the Rut with an Affair

As time passes, things in your marriage can get more comfortable.  People fall into patterns, and a daily regimen is developed where everything runs along as thought part of a well-oiled clock.  This naturally occurring stability can be great after the craziness of your younger years when you were wondering how you were going to pay your rent or how you were going to get a ride to work from one of your friends.  The only problem with this calm comfort is that it is completely and absolutely boring.  While the soothing niceness is pleasant for a little while (a few weeks, a few months, or maybe even a full year), it does not take too long for that happy bubble to pop and let you know how tedious real married life can be.  When you first got engaged to your current spouse, you were probably shown pictures of ecstatic couples in their happily-ever-after lives.  The world forgot to mention how unfulfilled you can be, particularly in the bedroom.

Steamy Affairs Rock

Steamy Affairs Rock

Extramarital affairs are a quick and easy fix to the mind numbing qualities of daily life because let’s face it—even though your day to day marriage is a bit dull and dry that does not mean you want to get rid of the general happiness and stability.  You just want a little fun on the side once in a while.  Adding the excitement of a new person into your sex life can really be just what you need to get that spark back into your spirit and the skip back into your step.  You can have all the fun and wild nights you want but still have that strong married foundation that keeps you on a steady path.  Finally, with an extramarital affair, you can be content with both major areas of your life.  Basically, you can have your cake and eat it too without strings, bonds, or questions as long as you keep things quietly on the down low.

Setting up one of these special affairs does not have to be as complex as you would imagine or how they make it look in the movies.  Ashley Madison was made just for people like you who want to have extramarital affairs with none of the drama or complications.  They can help you find the partner of your fantasies then you can use the sit to arrange for your hook up without having to worry or be anxious through their very discreet website.


Can the Media Be Blamed for the Rise in Extramarital Affairs?

It’s a question that is asked again and again:  can the media be blamed for extramarital affairs? Like all things, the answer you get to this question is subject to who you ask and what sort of affair a person has.  For some, maybe the media is to blame.  Take that lonely housewife who sees that “reality show” personalities are having extra affairs.  Well, here’s the thing:  the woman on the show that’s doing it wants to get caught doing it.  Does the lonely housewife know that?  Maybe, or maybe not, which is where the question lies.

The thing with the rise in extramarital affairs and the media is that these are happening between consenting adults.  So, maybe it has more to do with spouses not working hard enough to satisfy each other or being unwilling to ensure that their partner is totally happy.  When you think about sex between consenting single adults, you don’t blame it on the media.  You might blame it on the alcohol, you might blame it on peer pressure, but consenting adults make up their own minds and this is where the trouble lies for many people who try to blame the media when it comes to affairs.

Is the Media To Blame?

Is the Media To Blame?

Personal opinions aside, the rise in extramarital affairs might have to do with the fact that we are a very individualistic society.  We pursue our own goals and ambitions throughout life.  It’s what we want and instant gratification.  This is fine when we are single, but when we get married, these behaviors carry over and it can be nearly impossible to get rid of the self centered impulses.  This means that many couples are faced with a difficult decision:  go elsewhere for physical satisfaction that our partners are unwilling to provide or struggle to live with a situation that leaves us feeling un-satisfied and bitter.

Most couples these days have seen how damaging divorce can be and choose to have extramarital affairs. They get the satisfaction they seek and they are able to enjoy the benefits of being married.  Nobody gets hurt and nobody knows, which is just the way these couples want things.  Most of the time, the desire to have an affair is rooted in sex and unfulfilled needs.  When you take care of these issues, you find that there really isn’t an emotional problem anymore.

So, if you’re thinking that a very discreet, very fun extramarital affair is what you need, then you should check out the discreet dating site Ashley Madison.  You’ll love the way that you can meet someone who is just your type and knows how important it is to keep quiet.  So, media influence or not, it appears that affairs are here to stay – why not make sure that yours is something you can enjoy and keep quiet?

Extramarital Affairs by Both Spouses

Extramarital affairs may happen when the intimate bond between husband and wife has been fractured due to diverse circumstances including the demands of a career, problems with raising children, unshared outside interests and exclusive friends.  At the start of a marriage, before the arrival of children and other responsibilities, all the emotional and physical energy of the couple are directed towards each other and the nourishment of the relationship.  Good relationships can survive temporary setbacks, but it will take the cooperation from both the husband and wife.

When deteriorating conditions go on for indefinite periods, a partner will try to reconnect with someone outside of the marriage for the need for understanding and acceptance. You will find your discreet soul mate by signing up with Ashley Madison . Platonic friendships later on develop into extramarital affairs, given enough fuel through constant meetings and unburdening sessions.  This drifting off towards someone else who understands better, and has more time to listen poses the greatest threat to a marriage.

Even if sex is the single most reason blamed for extramarital affairs, it is really the loss of communication and the misunderstanding that is the reason couples drift apart to find understanding and solace in another’s arm.  The sexual infidelity is just the aftermath of the breakup of the marriage on the emotional and spiritual level.  If the aggrieved party says that he did not realize the wife was so unhappy or did not notice anything unusual in her behaviour to suspect she is having an affair; that in itself was an admission to the breakdown of communications that led her to fulfill her needs somewhere else.  The responsibility for making a marriage work is on both the husband and wife’s shoulders.  But without knowing the extent of the responsibility of one and the expectation of the other, the gap will not be breached.

The after effects of the discovery of or admission to extramarital affairs can be devastating.  Repairing the damage is no easy task.  But if the partners show an interest in salvaging their marriage, they should have the patience to deal with it and they should exhibit strong motivation to start the healing process.  Honesty with each other will be very important.  In some cases, seeking the advice of a professional marriage counsellor may be necessary.  The reunion must exhibit the common values, love and commitment that were there during the early years of the union.

Finally, if all else fails and one half of the couple is determined to end the relationship, they should consider the welfare of the children if there are any.  Leaving a partner and starting a new life and a new home with another will not be easy.  Getting used to someone’s idiosyncrasies, bad habits, set of family and friends and most probably a different schedule will take a while.   Eventually, everyone including the children learns to accept the new convolutions and adjusts accordingly.  It is a rare occurrence when extramarital affairs result in a successful new partnership or marriage due to the stumbling blocks that years of marriage to another have been erected.  The stumbling blocks are not only children if there are any, but common friends, extended family, relatives, and even properties and furniture accumulated together.

So if you value the need for the discretion, but sure to be part of a community that is built upon it. With nearly 9 million members, check out Ashley Madison

Are Extramarital Affairs Worth the Headache?

Extramarital affairs have been dramatically played up by the movies and other media as steamy sexual encounters.  This is in most part true, but extramarital affairs also bring a lot of pain and suffering not only to the participants but to their loved ones as well.

When a wife finds out that the husband is having extramarital affairs, her normal reaction will be pain and humiliation.  It is shocking to learn that your husband is deceiving you and the knowledge will be a source of despair, sadness coupled with feelings of rage and anger.  An extramarital affair is a betrayal of the wedding vows and the trust between two people who are sharing a life, possibly with children.

Some excuses for extramarital affairs range from weak mindedness, an uncontrollable sex drive, or drunkenness.  Whatever the initial reason, regrets usually come later, except for affairs that were deliberately, stealthily started. Most extramarital affairs were found not to really stem from wantonness or hunger for sex, but rather with needs that are unmet in the home.  It is not an excuse for immoral behavior or the wounding of a partner, but to stress the complexity of human interrelationships; that of a marriage and that of an affair.

In evaluating extramarital affairs, the condition and viability of the marriage is the first to consider.  Both parties have to heal the wounds and go forward.  Forward may have different connotations to the parties involved.  For the philandering husband, forward may mean going back to the family fold, as that is his comfort zone.  For an aggrieved wife, it may be ending an intolerable marriage and opting for change.  The roles may also be reversed, according to the love relationship existing in or out of the marriage.

Married people are linked spiritually, emotionally and sexually.  The spiritual concept does not necessarily mean the same religion but a deeper bond of beliefs and faith and trust.  The links between a husband and a wife mainly stems from a monogamous relationship, with trust as a major component.  It is the togetherness, the connection that is the basis of the husband-wife intimacy, keeping the relationship going.  All the problems like stress, illness, work problems and extended family problems are overcome with a strong partnership and the assurance that someone is there for you.  When the trust and faith becomes eroded, and the sexual relationship becomes non-exclusive, the link begins to unravel.  The extramarital affairs begin with the search for one other supportive partner.  In this unique circumstance, any old dating site won’t work. Only one site is big enough that caters to the discreet dating world, and this is Ashley Madison.


A partner in a marriage must feel cherished, respected and valued by their husband.  The respect and the other values secure the marriage bonds and nourish intimacy.  However, even if these feelings exist but is not communicated, some form of misunderstanding might develop.  The threat to the marriage does not come from meeting sexually attractive people, but the loss of communication and respect between the couple.  The better half will not even look at another, nor give the time of day to a potential lover if the present lover is more than he can hope for. Extramarital affairs will not exist if a highly satisfying affair exists inside the marriage